Quiz & Fact Sheet on Blindness

After inviting me to be on his radio show on the Changing Behavior Network, psychologist Dr. James Sutton asked me if I had a quiz or fact sheet about blindness that he could make available through: http://www.thechangingbehaviornetwork.com/
I didn’t, so I created one.

Blooming Amarilis with a print copy of The Heart of Applebutter Hill by Donna W. Hill, a fantasy adventure featuring some awesome flowers: photo by Rich Hill.

What Do You Know About Blind Americans, their skills and Challenges ?

Donna W. Hill, author of the educator-recommended novel The Heart of Applebutter Hill, & her guide dog Hunter walk along path in California Redwoods. There's a glowing mist: Photo by Rich Hill.

Click or Enter to open or save this .doc and take the quiz. It’s short; just 10 True or False questions and 8 Multiple Choice. The answers are included, and there is a “More Information & References” section below. Share it with educators, librarians and others who are in a position to make a difference by instilling more positive and realistic beliefs about blindness in the next generation. If the link doesn’t work in your browser, use the private contact form below to request that it be sent to you via email.

Quiz & Fact Sheet on Blindness

Options for Sharing Your Comments Publically & Privately

How did you do? Were there things that surprised you? I’d love to hear your reactions.

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  3. For thoughts or comments you’d like to share with me privately or to have the quiz sent as an email attachment, use this Contact Form.

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Thanks for participating, and all the best!

About Donna W. Hill

Donna W. Hill is a writer, speaker, animal lover and avid knitter from Pennsylvania's Endless Mountains. Her first novel, The Heart of Applebutter Hill, is an adventure-mystery with excursions into fantasy for general audiences. Professionals in the fields of education and the arts have endorsed it as a diversity, inclusion and anti-bullying resource for junior high through college. A songwriter with three albums, Hill provided educational and motivational programs in the Greater Philadelphia area for fifteen years before moving to the mountains. Her essay, "Satori Green" appears in Richard Singer's Now, Embracing the Present Moment (2010, O-Books), and her cancer-survivor story is in Dawn Colclasure’s On the Wings of Pink Angels (2012). From 2009 through 2013, Hill was an online journalist for numerous publications, covering topics ranging from nature, health care and accessibility to music, knitting and chocolate. She is an experienced talk show guest and guest blogger and presents workshops about writing and her novel for school, university, community and business groups. The Heart of Applebutter Hill is available in print and e-versions at Amazon, B&N, Apple, Sony, Smashwords, Create Space and other outlets. It is also available through Bookshare for readers with print disabilities.
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