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Screech Owl Looks Out from Hill's Wood-Duck House by Rich HillDonna’s External Links

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Purchase The Heart of Applebutter Hill & Help Blind Students

Print & eBook versions are available at these & other outlets:

CreateSpace eStore:
Nook Book:
7 eBook formats, including .epub, .mobi and .rtf, are available at Smashwords:
Readers with print handicaps will find accessible versions on Bookshare:

Proceeds from the sale of The Heart of Applebutter Hill provide Braille books for blind students. Please leave a review on the site where you purchase the book.

Hear clips from Donna’s CD The Last Straw

Apple I-Tunes:

Donna’s articles on Braille Literacy for American Chronicle

Donna’s Articles on Web Accessibility, Music, Knitting & Chocolate for Suite 101

Thank you for your interest and support.

Accessibility Issues for People Using Screen Readers

Screen reader users, there are significant issues with Word Press’s “Leave a Reply” form – which is labeled on this site “So, What Do You Think?” Even if you access the edit fields and fill them out, the “Submit” button doesn’t work most of the time. I have advised Word Press of this issue.

Meanwhile, here’s a “temporary” solution. Every page and post has a link labeled “Accessible Comment Form for Screen Reader Users.” It is accessible, but does not link directly to the automated comments system. It will be sent to me, however, and I will forward it to Word Press to post on your behalf. The URL is:

So, what do you think?

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